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Cotswold Brewing Co. Cotswold Brewing Co.

Cotswold Brewing Co.

This Foscot-based brewery was established in 2005 by Richard and Emma Keene who wanted to supply top quality lagers to the local markets. Their inspiration came from continental Europe with its strong tradition of producing quality lager in community based breweries.

The brewery itself is based in an old Cotswold barn with brewing equipment shipped over from New York. The resulting Cotswold Lagers that are produced here are inspired by the old German purity law of 1516, which means the beers are additive and preservative-free and cold stored for at least four weeks. Only the best ingredients available are used to create the four lagers: Cotswold Premium, Cotswold 3.8, Cotswold Wheat and Cotswold Winter.

If you didn’t think lager had a complexity of flavour like real ale, try these delicious lagers and you might just be converted!

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Cotswold Brewing Co.

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