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Fosse Way Honey Fosse Way Honey

Fosse Way Honey

Honey Blossom Farm, based in the northern Cotswolds is where the deliciously sweet Fosse Way Honey is produced. The honey is collected from 300 beehives in the area, and it is the mixture of woodlands, farmlands and garden plants in the local countryside that creates this divine honey nectar.

As well as set honey and runny honey, the company produces a range of other interesting honeys and chutneys, including the Clover Heather Blend, a blend of New Zealand clover honey with Derbyshire heather honey which is great for spreading and delicious in porridge. For something a bit different try the Honey with Ginger, a warming blend of imported honey and ginger that can be used in many recipes, such as a glaze for chicken and lamb, BBQ sauce, in salad dressings and even in bread and butter pudding!

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Fosse Way Honey

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