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Knights Real Cider Knights Real Cider

Knights Real Cider

The Knight Family have been growing and pressing cider apples at Crumpton Oaks, nestling in the foothills of the Malverns, for three generations. The award-winning ciders are made from 100% pure blended fruit which results in the refreshing taste that you will find in Malvern Gold and Malvern Oak ciders. No apple juice concentrate, artificial flavours or colourings are used in Knights ciders.

Malvern Gold Medium Reserve is a full bodied Real Cider, rich in tannins and flavenoids which create its natural flavour and golden colour. It takes at least two and a half pounds of apples to produce every bottle of cider.

Malvern Oak Dry Reserve is a refreshing, balanced cider made from a variety of traditional cider apples, including Yarlington Mill, Harry Master’s Jersey, Dabinett and Kingston Black. With the help of Mother Nature, Malvern Oak is fermented to 6% alcohol to capture the full flavour of the orchards.

Both ciders should be served slightly chilled and are great with food or for slowly sipping on a warm, lazy afternoon!

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Knights Real Cider

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Malvern Gold Medium Reserve

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Malvern Oak Dry Reserve
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