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Martins Meats Martins Meats

Martins Meats

Once you’ve tasted top quality meat there’s no going back. The secret to good meat is in the breeding, says Martin Gilder of Martins Meats in Toddington. On his farm you will find only traditional breeds of animals, such as Longhorn, Hereford and Angus cows and Gloucester Old Spot pigs. These breeds produce meat that is incredibly tender and more flavoursome than other breeds that have been cross-bred. The other secret to good meat is in the hanging – Martin’s beef is dry-hung for 28 days to further improve texture and flavour and lamb is dry-hung for a minimum of 10 days. The advantage of all this is that even if you need to use cheaper cuts of meat, the flavour and texture will still be there.

The animals on Martin’s farm are all free range and travel no further than 25 miles. There is full traceability of all the animals and a skilled team of butchers on site. Whether you need meat for stewing or simply to enjoy a good simple steak with a glass of red wine, you’ll be delighted by the flavour and tenderness of Martins meats.

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