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Purity Brewing Company Purity Brewing Company

Purity Brewing Company

Making beer with a conscience underlies all of Purity Brewing Co’s actions. Based in Great Alne in Warwickshire, their multi award-winning beers are made only using premium, natural ingredients. The company has a strong eco ethos and fully supports recycling programmes and actively cares for the environment. So much so, that they have created a unique pond and wetlife system to treat their waste water naturally. This sustainable eco-system has formed an interesting and varied ecological habitat that is developing into a wildlife sanctuary. The spent grain from the beer production is recycled into feed for farm animals, and the spent hops are spread on the ground as fertiliser.

All very worthy, but are their beers any good? Well, yes, actually! The multi award-winning Pure Gold, is a refreshing golden ale, with a lovely dry and bitter finish. The equally multi award-winning Mad Goose, named after the fearsome geese that patrol the brewery, is a light, coppery ale that has a zesty hop character with citrus overtones. The stronger Pure Ubu is named after the brewery dog, and is a distinctive amber colour with a balanced, full flavour.

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