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The Cotswold Farmer The Cotswold Farmer

The Cotswold Farmer

For delicious sausages, bacon and other meat products, look no further than this award-winning family business. David and Gill Graham started rearing pigs back in 1977 but it wasn’t until Gill started making pies and meals to sell at the local W.I. markets that the idea for Simple Suppers was born. Gill and David have recently relaunched Simple Suppers as The Cotswold Farmer. The company is highly regarded throughout the industry.

The secret of their success is in choosing animals with good genetics backed up with a commitment to compassionate farming. The animals used in their meat products are reared onsite or other local farms, and suffer no undue stress in transportation or handling. All of this produces a meat which is tasty and well-balanced with a naturally clean flavour.

As well as the famed Farmhouse Gold sausages, you will find several other varieties of sausage, including Lincolnshire, and pork and mustard in our chiller cabinets. The chicken and mushroom pie is a firm favourite, with good chunks of meat in a rich gravy, and buttery home-made pastry – an easy meal to pop in the oven when you don’t want to cook. 

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The Cotswold Farmer

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Farmhouse Gold Sausages

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Beef, Guinness and Ale Pie
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