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Spot Loggins

Spot Loggins
Spot Loggins

Nestled in the Vale of Evesham is Bretforton House Farm, where the Appleby family have farmed for three generations. In the year 2000 they took the steps of converting the farm to organic status and now make this delicious organic ice cream on the premises.

This means they grow as much of their own cow feed as possible and don’t use any chemicals. With 280 pedigree Holstein cows to look after, Spot Loggins is still very much a family affair. The guys look after the farming while the gals look after the ice cream, and what a great job they all do of it! The ice cream is made from the finest organic milk then blasted with fabulous flavours, which include local fruit in the fruit ice creams. There’s wild strawberry, kiwi, cherries & kirsch, apple pie as well as cookies & cream, honeycomb and pure dairy, to name just a few. Seasonal local flavours include asparagus and lavender.

And if you’re wondering about the name - rumour has it that Spot Loggins is the resident ghost, who can often be seen in the evening dancing in the meadow around the well...

For more information visit www.spotloggins.com

Top selling product:

Spot Loggins Vanilla Ice Cream

Our favourite product:

Spot Loggins Cookies and Cream Ice Cream