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W R Haines

W  R Haines
W  R Haines

Farming 1600 acres of rolling Cotswold countryside around Chipping Camden, brothers William and Martin Haines are fifth generation farmers who grow fresh, seasonal vegetables for our stores.

At Leasow Farm, 150 acres is given over to growing five varieties of peas, 220 acres for 12 varieties of Brussels sprouts, with 500 acres of arable land. You can also find cabbages, courgettes, cauliflowers and flower sprouts growing there too. The farmland ranges from fields at sea level to around 1000 feet higher and the brothers skilfully exploit the variation to control the periods when the crops are ready for harvest.

Over 25 people work at the farm all year round, with numbers swelling during picking season. Good farming relies on experience as well as the development of new techniques, and W R Haines combines both to bring us the freshest produce throughout the year. Look out for their tender, sweet peas in May – the earliest you’re ever likely to see them on supermarket shelves!



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Brussel Sprouts

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