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Kits Kitchen Kits Kitchen

Kits Kitchen

Kit Bamford is an award-winning chef based in Worcestershire. His range of chutneys, pickles and dressings was created in partnership with a local farming family following a discussion in the local pub one day.

The range includes the Gold award-winning runner bean chutney, using Worcestershire runner beans, which is divine with cold meats and cheese; Gold award-winning pickled shallots which are crispy and crunchy with added spices; and Gold award-winning Whole Grain Mustard with Malt Whisky, which gives casseroles an added zing, and is particularly good with steaks. The Silver award-winning Apple and Onion chutney, made with Worcestershire Bramley apples, comes from a family recipe brought back from India in the 1880s and, not surprisingly, goes with curries exceptionally well.

Dressings include the Gold award-winning Salad Dressing, known by the family as Jungle Juice for its intense flavours. The Balsamic Salad Dressing cheers up a salad particularly well and the dynamic BBQ Sauce is great used as a dip, to spice up a bacon buttie or to beef up cottage pie.  

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Kits Kitchen

Kits Kitchen Runner Bean Chutney

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