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Cotswold Eggs

Cotswold Eggs

You can’t get better than fresh eggs and that’s what Cotswold Eggs is all about. Owners Duncan & Emma Coulson source the majority of their eggs from the banks of the river Severn in Gloucester and several local farms and deliver them to outlets in the Cotswolds area, including "The Pudding Club" in Mickleton.

Because they source and deliver locally, the time it takes to get the eggs from farm to shop is extremely short, compared to normal supermarket delivery times, guaranteeing a fresher egg - a good test of an egg’s freshness is to poach one!

The eggs they supply to us are all free range, and are sourced locally from farms that are all Defra regulated ensuring consistent egg quality. Some of the eggs are also lion-accredited which means they meet additional agreed British standards. These hens are all fed on  locally grown grains and non animal proteins mixed with natural products to ensure purity and a consistent egg quality. Because of this they will have a natural variation in yolk colour throughout the year – the bright yellow yolks that many people associate with taste only comes about because farmers add marigold to the hen feed.



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Cotswold Free Range Eggs

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Cotswold Organic Eggs