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Donnington Brewery

Donnington Brewery
Donnington Brewery

Enjoy a taste of history with our fabulous bottled beers from Donnington Mill in Stow-on-the-Wold. Ale has been produced here by the Arkell family since 1865, but the original building dates back to 1291 and has been used as a cloth mill and a corn mill in the intervening years.

Not a lot has changed since those early days – the original mill wheel is still used to power some of the pumps and machines, and water is sourced from a nearby spring beside the mill pond. Even the ales are made using the same four ingredients – spring water (or liquor), barley, malt and hops to produce a pure-tasting, refreshingly natural beer.

It’s the brewing expertise that creates the distinct flavours of the brewery’s most recent ales, both of which you can find in our stores: Double Donn, with its nutty aroma, cereal malt flavour and trace of orange fruit; and Donngton Gold, a golden-coloured beer with a citrus flavour followed by a rounded malt finish. No wonder the brewery was crowned ‘Brewery of the Year’ in 2010 by the Good Pub Guide…

To find out more visit: www.donnington-brewery.com

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Donnington Gold

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Double Donn