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Hayles Fruit Farm

Hayles Fruit Farm
Hayles Fruit Farm

You can’t get fresher than fruit that is grown just down the road. Hayles Fruit Farm, based in Toddington, supplies our stores with their home-grown apples, plums, pears and strawberries as well as apple juice and cider.

The beauty of eating local fruit is the sheer variety that is on offer to the customer – we stock nine different types of apples with weird and wonderful names such as Blenheim Orange, Worcester Pearmain, Ida Red and Red Pippin.

It also means we can work together to give customers what they want - after their strawberries sold out in record time one year, Hayles doubled their acreage for us, just so we could keep up with customer demand.

The Cotswold soil provides the ideal ground for growing fruit – the clay-loam soil is rich in natural nutrients and calcium, a mineral that binds fruit cells to give better shelf life. But you’d still better hurry – their fruit doesn’t hang around for long!

For more information visit www.hayles-fruit-farm.co.uk

Top selling product:

Hayles Strawberries - in season

Our favourite product:

Hayles Spartan Apple Juice