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Just Rachel

Just Rachel
Just Rachel

For the fruitiest deserts and creamiest ice creams, all inspired by traditional recipes, look no further than this Ledbury-based producer. Fed up with the additive and technology-laden food of today, this innovative team looked back to the days of Mrs Beeton to see how the old school chefs were making desserts and ice creams.

Inspired by the purity of products of these traditional cooks, Just Rachel began making ice creams that are pure and simple: thick Hereford dairy cream blended with summer fruits from Worcestershire and autumn fruits from Gloucestershire, plus an array of other fanciful flavours.

Dark chocolate, gooseberry and elderflower, strawberry, treacle toffee, damson and sloe gin, honeycomb...as well as monthly seasonal specials, these are just a few of the tempting flavours on offer. With mouth-watering flavours like these it’s little wonder that Just Rachel has won so many awards, including Two Star Gold Great Taste Award 2011 for Honeycomb Ice Cream and One Star Gold Great Taste Award 2012 for Raspberry Sorbet.

For more information visit www.justrachel.com

Top selling product:

Just Rachel Vanilla Ice Cream

Our favourite product:

Just Rachel Damson and Sloe Gin Ice Cream