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Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden
Kitchen Garden

Immerse yourself in a whole new world of pickles and preserves from the multi award-winning Kitchen Garden. Based in Stroud, Kitchen Garden was started in 1989 by Barbara Moinet when she cooked up her first batch of Blackberry and Apple jam from her Gloucestershire Kitchen. Today, the company still makes all their jams, chutneys and pickles in small batches in open pans, using fresh – and where possible, local -  ingredients. No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives are used and no modified starches are used as thickeners.

Since those small beginnings, the range has diversified to include a number of chutneys, pickles, mustards, preserves, savoury jellies and sauces. There is also a range of dressings and fruit vinegars. Many of the products are multi award-winning, with the Rough Cut Seville Orange marmalade earning three Gold awards, the Tewkesbury Mustard two Gold awards, and the Summer Berry jam, Beetroot chutney, Hot Lime pickle, Coarse Cut Lime marmalade, Fig & Plum relish, Red Onion marmalade, Coarse Grain Mustard with Honey, Raspberry vinegar and Ma Cherie Amour Cherry & Amaretto jam each earning a Gold award amongst others…

You can find out more at www.kitchengardenpreserves.co.uk

Top selling product:

Old Spot Real Ale Chutney

Our favourite product:

Cherry and Amaretto Jam