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Woodland Farm Yogurts

Woodland Farm Yogurts

Handmade by ‘2 guys and 120 milking cows’, these clean-tasting yogurts from Chedworth are really rather special. The Finch family has been farming in the Cotswolds since 1928 and making yogurts since the early 1990s. What started out as a small cottage industry – six flavours and 600 small pots a month – has turned into a full-on business, with the family now producing 11,00 small and 2,500 large pots a month in a variety of flavours.

Best sellers are the gooseberry and rhubarb yogurts, but the range also includes delights such as toffee, black cherry, fruits of the forest, strawberry and a plain natural yogurt, which forms the base for all the other flavours. New varieties have included blueberry, peach melba, coconut and banana.

The yogurt-making process begins at 4.30am every day with the freshest milk being used to produce the best flavour. The milk is pasteurised, cooled, then the Finch’s unique culture is added. Later the fruit is added and the product is packed – from cow to pot in under 12 hours!   

Currently available in our Moreton-in-Marsh store.



Top selling product:

Strawberry Yogurt

Our favourite product:

Black Cherry Yogurt