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Welcome from Guy Warner

Welcome from Guy Warner

Dear customer,

You soon won’t be able to move for the sheer volume of pumpkins flooding into our stores this month, but what a great reminder about the importance of seasonal produce!

We grow an inordinate number of pumpkins in Britain, all with one goal – to be carved into some fantastical creature by 31st October. If there are pumpkins left lurking in stores after that date, forget it – nobody wants them.

Sometimes we neglect to remember that pumpkins are, in actual fact, vegetables, and that their flesh is pretty good to eat – this year, why not try making a curry or soup out of your Halloween pumpkin and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

This month sees UK Sausage Week, and we’ve got some top bangers in store. These include favourites such as Cotswold Farmer’s Farmhouse Gold sausages, rare breed sausages from Todenham Manor Farm as well as those from our own butcher in our Moreton store.

UK Curry Week takes us to the end of October, and we’ll be celebrating with The Spice Tailor and Bibijis fresh curry sauces. Throw in a few of our Indian selection snacks and you’ve got a delicious takeaway meal in minutes.

Surely it doesn’t get much better on a chilly autumnal day than a bowl of Thai spiced pumpkin soup followed by a tasty hotdog or locally made curry – tuck in!  

Best wishes



Guy Warner
Store Owner