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Welcome from Guy Warner

Welcome from Guy Warner

Dear customer

School’s out so keep your cool this summer with some top freezer tips!

From the freezer cabinet we’ve got ice creams and lollipops galore – as well as all your favourite individual ices, including Magnums, Cornettos and Soleros, we’ve got a great selection of tubs. Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen Dazs, Carte D’Or and Jude’s are always crowd pleasers, but make space for our local, organic ice cream, Spot Loggins, too.

Make sure your fridge is well stocked with cold drinks that the kids can help themselves to – Humblebee Refresher and Qcumber water are real thirst quenchers, or try putting individual Innocent smoothies and sugar-free Capri-Sun drinks in the freezer for a healthy way to cool off.

Another top tip is to freeze yogurt pouches – Yoplait Frubes can be turned into yoghurt lollies overnight – a great way to boost calcium intake while keeping the kids refreshed at the same time.

If you’ve enjoyed the odd G&T on a warm evening, freeze leftover lemon and lime wedges and add to water bottles (or your next G&T!) instead of ice cubes for a delicately flavoured drink that’s deliciously ice cold too.

However you manage to cool off, enjoy the summer while it lasts!


Guy Warner
Store Owner