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Welcome from Guy Warner

Welcome from Guy Warner

Dear customer,

Change is in the air and it’s not just the season I’m talking about! Who knows what new local lockdowns may be coming into play as we head into autumn but there’s also lots of reasons to keep positive. 

First up is our wonderful autumn harvest – it’s this time of year that Britain’s local produce really comes into its own. Gloucestershire was once covered in traditional apple orchards; sadly today 75% of these have been lost, but there are some fantastic local producers out there working hard to keep Gloucestershire’s heritage apples alive. Day’s Cottage in Brockworth and Hayles Fruit Farm in Toddington are just two of our favourite places to find great English apples as well as fantastic pears and plums.

If fresh fruit is hard to find then be thankful for our local cider producers who turn numerous apples and pears into cider and perry every year. Dunkertons, Pearson’s, Severn… there’s an award-winning cider for every palate – and even a low-alcohol variety from Hogan’s!

Pumpkins are the stars on October 31st but why not try these low-cost vegetables throughout the rest of autumn too? They make a nutritious soup, delicious curry, and of course, a cheeky pumpkin pie! From 26th October-2nd November, we’re celebrating local sausages during UK Sausage Week – try our favourites from Todenham Manor Farm using this month’s exclusive Taste Club vouchers.

Make sure you have added your Mid-Counties Co-op Membership number to your Taste Club account so you can take advantage of some amazing exclusive offers on local produce. Login here to do it now! 

With so much uncertainty in the air, try to embrace the autumn this year,

Stay safe,

Guy Warner
Store Founder